One Year Anniversary

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One Year Anniversary

I am pleased to announce that we just completed our first year as a family run business and our first year anniversary date. Over the past year, I have enjoyed working to find the best available system for families both young and old. I thank all of you that have used our services and appreciate the referrals that many of you have given us.

We have a lot to be thankful for and I want to take this time to thank the many contractors, real estate professionals, VDH staff, surveyors and engineers that have contributed to a very successful year!  We have worked hard to thoroughly review the properties we have evaluated and I am confident that we have located the best and most cost efficient systems for the needs of our clients.

My son, Rick has been a great addition to the business. He has worked hard in the field with me and has learned a great deal about soils and drainfield layout. Rick has done a fantastic job in building our internet presence as well. My other family members have contributed in our success as well by helping to streamline our day to day field and office work.

This past year in addition to our home office we opened an office in Winchester and have completed over 150 site evaluations for both Certification Letters and Permits. We value all of our clients and strive to update them by email and phone to answer all of their concerns and make the process as stress free as possible.


Thanks again to my family, friends, business affiliates and our clients for a memorable year!