Presby Environmental Alternative Septic System

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Presby Environmental Alternative Septic System

This alternative system installation in Fauquier County Virginia was located in The Plains. The soil profiles reviewed during the  site and soils evaluation (perk test) revealed high water table in the soils and limited area. As a newly Virginia approved engineered system, this was the most economical and innovative choice for the limited satisfactory area.This newly Virginia approved engineered system is the third install in Fauquier County by Hadley Environmental Services.

The lateral lines consist of three specially manufactured 12″ corrugated pipe with fabric that treat and disperse the septic tank effluent. The Chesapeake Bay nitrogen reduction regulations now require these systems to have an approved treatment unit prior to disposal for additional nitrogen reduction. This install is the mound design due to the shallow soils. If the soils are well drained and deep then these systems can be installed in the ground which eliminates the mound. Presby’s are vented systems that utilize a special pulverized as filtering media in the field.

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Presby Mound Distal End

Presby Conveyance & Vent Line