Southern Fauquier County, Virginia Lot Division and Soil Evaluations

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Southern Fauquier County, Virginia Lot Division and Soil Evaluations

Authorized Soil Evaluator Barry Hadley, evaluated the characteristics of the soil, topography and landscape for a lot division near Bristersburg, Virginia. Bristersburg is a southern Fauquier County community bordering Prince William and Stafford Counties.

Property owner’s objectives included locating an additional reserve site for an existing house on the property and to perc several sites to aid in the formation of a new lot.  In addition to soil characteristics, proximity to adjacent parcels, right-of-ways, water wells, and septic systems were all taken into consideration for septic system design. Areas found meeting the soil criteria were staked to system specifications and a conventional septic system was designed.

The next step will include a land surveyor visiting the site to take precise measurements of the drainfield’s location within the property’s boundaries. Deed research will be completed to assure that the completed plat is consistent with the field survey and required road right-of-ways.

With the completed soils evaluation and a drainfield location plat, Barry completes the site and soil evaluation reports and abbreviated design form to be submitted to the Fauquier County Health Department for approval and a drainfield Certification Letter will be mailed to the property owner once the work is approved by the county.

Once the property owner is ready to build, a construction permit application will be filed with the Fauquier County Health Department. This permit application will show a site specific house location and any specific design requirements.